Junkie Love by Joe Clifford

9 Apr


Welcome to mikemonson.org, also known as the Joe Clifford fan club.

Here is my review of Clifford’s Junkie love which just came out today:

This is quite a book. Okay? I’m serious.
And yes it is a very realistic detailed and harsh story of the life a junkie and it pulls NO punches ever — and this is all good and fascinating.
But, it is also just a good story, you know? It is a fun read.
And, it is not just the story of ‘a junkie,’ you know, just some generic cliched character we have all become used to over the last 20 years or so. No it is the story of THIS JUNKIE told by the person himself and thus it is totally original and unique just like Mr. Clifford. So what I am saying is that luckily for the world we have a junkie memoir from a junkie who is at the very same time an awesome writer.
So, it is a poetic and lovely separate work of art apart from any kind of genre. It is a singular literary accomplishment.

And, jeez, it is fun to read.

I have this psychic/gut/instinctual feeling that it is going to do very well. And, I know my shit.

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