Mike Monson goes to the movies in Kona

18 Jun


chef ippy

Chef Ippy

Random thoughts after a couple of hours at the movies:

At 10:30 I went to officially quit Bubba Gump Shrimp Company by returning my apron, my shirts, my hat, my name tag and all my training materials. This was awkward and took way too long but I got my paycheck  for four days of training: $79! Then, I was actually able to cash the check at Bank of Hawaii — a minor miracle.

Now, yesterday, I pounded the pavement (lava rock) passing out my resume and filling out applications all over town trying to find a new job. I went to Waikoloa Village and walked in cold to a place called Three Fat Pigs. It is a gastropub run by Hawaiian native and celebrity Chef Ippy from Food Network Star (along with his parents and a GM). They just happened to need a new server and we all clicked and they said they would talk it over and most likely call me today.  Because of this I didn’t really want to go all over town again looking for work because I just KNEW this new place would call me.

So, I went to the movies. Playing was The End, Stupidman, The Internship, Now You See Me and a bunch of others. It was 11:20. I wanted to see Now You See Me but it started at 1 p.m. and The Internship had started at 11:00 (in theory of course, I knew the previews and ads would go at least until 11:15). So I went to the Internship with the idea of maybe going to Now You See Me afterward.

The Internship was funny. It was cute. I think the screenplay had a great structure for a lighthearted comedy. I happened to like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson a lot. It was heartbreaking in a good way to see all the beautiful shots of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Palo Alto, etc. Plus, everyone else in the movie was likable and funny as well. There was an Australian character and a British character, played, I’m pretty sure, by an Australian and a Brit.

One thing made clear once again in this movie is that if you want to pick a place that everyone knows is just a completely uncool place, I mean, the stupidest, lamest place — then just call it Modesto, that will do the trick.

Just as the movie was having its tear-jerking ending that I was loving — Three Fat Pigs called. I went out to the lobby and answered the phone. I was offered a job. I need to go there at four today to fill out the I-9 and go over the schedule, etc. Yes!

Then, I went into watch Now You See Me. One British actor and one Aussie actress. Plus a French lady with surprisingly awful hair and makeup. I only stayed for the  first  40 minutes or so but I liked it and want bring Bec and see it all the way through. I love its cast as well and all the magic stuff.

Now, everywhere I went in this theater I could hear another movie’s soundtrack. It was loud, it was rumbling, it was annoying. It was Superman, Man of Steel.

Now let us review what we have learned: I quit Bubba Gump; I got a new job at Three Fat Pigs; The Intership is funny; people think Modesto sucks; there are Brits and  Aussies all over the place; and Superman is a fucking loud movie.

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