Review: The Drum (Camaro #3) by Sam Hawken

23 Aug


Yes! It is here. Number 3 in Sam Hawken’s Camaro Espinoza Series.

This is very exciting. Look at my reviews of the previous two here and here.

That will help you to understand why I am so excited. I just love these books.

Bear with me today, however, This has not been a great week for your book lover. First, ANOTHER job of mine ended under uncomfortable and bizarre circumstances and I am again, unemployed, and, I just found out in an article online  that good writers never use the word “is” or any of its forms. And, I’m not sure which one is more upsetting. The article, which was otherwise perfectly reasonable (don’t use suddenly, then, that, in order to, very, really, started, and like) has me flummoxed, or gob smacked as Major Tom Schick would say. Everywhere I look, I see the use of the verb “is” especially by very good writers in very good, highly loved books and stories. Plus, I keep wanting to use it. In this review, I am going to italicize every use of that horrible verb and then go back and change it to a better, more literate and acceptable choice before I publish this. Okay? (Well, every  time I can using my low-level skills.)

Anyway, The Drum is my favorite of the three books so far. I loved it. I loved the other two, yes, but this one was just more exciting, okay. Maybe this is because I have gotten to know and love the character? I don’t know.

So, at the start of The Drum our lovely Camaro  still has her ill-gotten loot and is still on the run  from the Mexican Cartel meanies, the cops, and, maybe, the bad guys from New Orleans she pissed of in #2. She is hiding in a cabin out  in the middle of nowhere in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border. Her hideaway is miles from the nearest town. Things are good. She is hidden, she still has her Hog (Heritage Softtail Classic – YES!) she has guns and knifes and she is refining her great fitness by working out hours each day and chopping and splitting chord after chord of wood to store for the long winter ahead. Plus, she is keeping up with her killer martial arts skills.

Things are good and peaceful: Camaro seems safe and like she is managing to stay out of trouble. And, then, of course, someone that she considers a friend is horribly hurt by evil assholes and she just has to get revenge for the guy. And, this revenge involves Camaro fucking up and killing a bunch of people in a very vivid long scene that is worth way more than the price of the book. Jeez. It is great. I love Camaro. I want to write myself as a fictional character that is the same age as her and have that character become one of her boyfriends.

I won’t say much more about the plot. Read it yourself, you know? But, I will say that a lot of the scenes take place on a river boat called The Drum. It is on the Rainy River, just over the Canadian border. It is a place where men from the US can get to by ferry and then  drink, gamble, and have sex with prostitutes. Plus, carved into the center of the main room is a huge cage in which men bare knuckle brawl to the delight of the cheering, betting crowd. How perfectly awful and seedy and fun is that? Now, what do you think? Does Camaro get into the cage at some point and have an epic battle? Again, read the book and find out, I’m not going to do all the work for you.

Buy this book, read it, review it on Amazon. That is all.

(Oh, and I really have to Google karambit and find out just what that bad boy looks like.)

One Response to “Review: The Drum (Camaro #3) by Sam Hawken”

  1. Sam August 24, 2013 at 6:41 am #

    This is the specific karambit I’m thinking of when I write these things:

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