Review: Kiss Me, Evil, by Blackie Noir

7 Oct


Spoiler alert: Kiss Me, Evil is packed with sex, violence, and suspense. The sex is hot and detailed and nearly constant, the violence is exciting, and the suspense is completely compelling.

Also, it has all this: boxing, organized crime, choppers (the bikes, the bike-makers, and the bikers), drugs, alcohol, one very evil and sexy woman, one very good/tragic/sexy woman, Long Beach, LA, Arizona, Las Vegas locales, and, lots of fights and blood and gore and murder. All good things in a novel, I think.

I just loved it. As I read, I kept thinking: finally, a fun-to-read crime thriller that doesn’t mess around. Yes, the main character is somewhat sympathetic, with a bit of a noir tinge, and he is easy to root for without complication. But, basically, Kill Me, Evil, leaves in all the fun stuff that I like about crime thrillers. Mr. Noir crafted a plot that made constant fighting, killing, drug and alcohol abuse, criminals, greed, horrible bad guys and hot fucking seem inevitable.

The hero is a light heavy weight boxer named Nick “Nicky Kid” Dimitri. He is married to the beautiful, greedy and voracious Trina. He has a championship bout coming up with a guaranteed $4 million payday. But, he has an eye injury so bad that even with healing surgery, if he fights again he could lose the eye. He decides to retire and forgo the four mil, which sets in motion numerous plots against him.

Nick doesn’t get it as all the people he used to trust go after him. That is because he is basically good, and not greedy, so it is hard for him to imagine the evil that others are ready to inflict on him for greed and/or revenge.

Blackie Noir is a very good writer. It is a complicated plot, and he lays it out very well. (Kept me guessing) He is good with clever description, turns of phrase:

To find a shitier neighborhood in Long Beach you’d have to look underground. The alley where Trash maintained his shop was the dregs, a festering chancre on the backside of urban blight. Trash and his ragged-assed crew were as indigenous to the terrain as the dog-packs that roamed the streets the feral cats that stalked the rooftops. The only difference was, Trash and his posse has bigger, sharper, teeth.

That is how he begins his description of the place where Nick’s best friend Trash has a compound/complex dedicated to making custom choppers and doing some creepy and sinister things as well (in 1980 I lived in an area of Long Beach that sounds just like it but that no longer exists).

I was just about to include a long quote from one of the many steamy sex scenes, but decided, no, ya’ll need to buy the book for that.

Speaking of sex scenes–I know that I haven’t read every noir/crime/hardboiled/pulp/thriller out there, but, I’ve read a lot of them. And I can say that Kiss Me, Evil has the best and most erotic sex of any I’ve read so far–by volume and quality. No contest. It’s definitely a page-turner.

So, do you get it? Want to read a noir-tinged crime thriller that is well-written with lots of suspense and fighting and sex with a satisfying ending? Read this one, okay?

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