My Story “Not Lost” to be included in Literary Orphans first year print anthology — and don’t forget my novellas!!!

22 Jan

This is pretty great, I think.

Check out this link to the announcement by Literary Orphans of the stories and poems they’ve selected for their first year anthology. Thanks to any readers who voted for my story to be included. Read the story here, it is very short. You can also see the story and two of the other stories of mine published by Literary Orphans in my short story collection Criminal Love.

Anyway, the collection looks great. Buy it when it comes out. I’ve read most of the stories and poems selected and they are wonderful. I’ll read the rest over the next several days. So glad to see that Tom Pitts, Joe Clifford, CS DeWilt, and Jen Conley are also included, as well as Claire Podulka, Vallie Lynn Watson, Len Kuntz, Abigail Amabisca, Gessy Alvarez, Joel Kopplin, Peter Marra, Kurt Kamin, Scott Waldyn. Wow.

Literary Orphans is the only ‘literary’ journal that has published my work. In the summer of 2012 when I first started writing short stories, I sent them off constantly to literary mags and was rejected again and again. One thing about Literary Orphans that makes them unique is that the submissions are read ‘blind,’ the readers do not know the name of the author of the piece they are judging. I think this is why I was able to get into LO. Otherwise, my stories have all been in crime and noir online and print journals and anthologies, which is great, and where, for the most part, I want to be [Okay, I feel like a dick. Slit Your Wrists, now Revolt Daily, actually published two of my stories, Altar Call and Work Ethic. This publication is not really a noir or crime journal, though of course they publish a wide array of genres. I’m not sure if they’d call themselves literary or not.]

Okay, don’t forget that I have two, count ’em two, novellas coming out very soon: The Scent of New Death from Gutter Books and What Happens in Reno from Both books are finished and edited and the covers are now being designed.

The Scent of New Death will be out in both print and electronic formats. It is a raw, bare-bones, violent and kinky tale with a tinge of zen. It is the story of Modesto-based Phil Gaines, a lonely and quiet zen-meditating middle-aged master bank robber. Phil makes the mistake of marrying young and sexy bar maid Paige, who quickly leaves him for his driver/partner Jeff Sweet. After this betrayal, the two steal all of Phil’s money before embarking on a psycho-sexual killing spree as Phil plots his revenge. It is not a nice or pleasant book, but quite fun if you like that sort of thing.

What Happens in Reno is a straight-ahead noir. It is the story of Matt Hodges (also a resident of the wonderful city of Modesto), an always unemployed chronic drunk and compulsive low-level gambler. After cashing in a small inheritance after the death of his mother (money he’d promised to his pissed-off wife), Matt flees to Reno to fulfill his dream of making big bucks playing poker. Things do not go well for Matt. Again, not a pleasant story, but exactly the kind I’d like to read.


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