Happy release day to The Scent of New Death

1 May

Though The Scent of New Death has been available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions for about a week, today, May 1, is the official release day of the book.


So far, it has consistently been in the top 20 to 30 sellers in the Kindle crime/noir category, and as of last night, it was the number six “Hot New Release” in that category. Plus, it has received six reader reviews on Amazon, all 5-star ratings. While I know all six of these readers in various ways — online or otherwise — I believe that each truly did love the book.  And, it has gotten a positive review on a real website, from Kevin Tipple, of Kevin’s Corner.

During the past several weeks, I sent copies of the book to a large amount of people and websites, with the hope of getting high-profile positive reviews. I’ve kept a chart of all of these recipients. Since I told each of them that the release date is today, I do not know yet which of them will be nice enough to read and mention the book and which of them will end up hurting my feelings. It’s a good thing I have the chart in order to forever keep track of this important data.

In case you don’t know anything about this pulpy crime novel, here is the synopsis from the back cover:


For twelve years Phil Gaines has managed to pull off bank job after bank job with Zen-like precision, occupying his time between robberies meditating in his nondescript Modesto, California apartment. His quiet and controlled criminal life ends abruptly, however, when he makes the fatal error of marrying a young, wild, and very kinky local bar maid. 

Phil discovers too late that his new bride is unsuited for domestic tranquility when he learns not only that she’s left him, but that she’s run off with his business partner and his life’s savings. Now the stickup man is pursuing his ex-cohorts across the countryside as they lose themselves in a psycho-sexual killing spree—all three on a collision course with a bloody destiny beyond anything their criminal pasts could have prepared them for.







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