All Due Respect Books — I’m a co-publisher now

23 Aug

I know I’ve bombarded my small cyber-world with news of this already this morning, but, it’s time for the inside scoop on all this, right?

So, anyway, Chris Rhatigan and I launched a book publishing company today: All Due Respect Books.

We are going to publish books that we like to read: graphic, fast, fun-to-read crime and noir. Or, just books about people being very bad. 

A year ago Chris and I took All Due Respect, a twice-a-month ezine, and turned it into a quarterly crime fiction journal publish as both an ebook and a paperback. We’ve put out three issues and it’s been great fun: wonderful stories, interviews, and reviews. And, it just became an ‘approved publication’ by the Mystery Writers of America, which I found out is a somewhat rare honor. 

Chris and I started talking about launching ADR Books a couple of months ago. We both wanted to do it, but it did seem like a huge task and a lot to take on, but, neither one of us has been able to let the idea go. 

I recently finished my first full-length book (well, it’s 55,000 words), Tussinland. I kept trying to think of what to do with it: self publish? send to indy presses? query an agent? None of these felt right. I sent it to two agents. One of them rejected it/me right away, saying that she ‘couldn’t relate to the characters well-enough to be the advocate the book deserves’ after reading the first chapter. The other agent politely put it at the end of her TBR pile. I also sent it to four or five publishers. I got a nice rejection from one wonderful publisher and when I told Chris he said, “Does this mean Tussinland is going to be an ADR Books joint? If so, I’m happy.” 

That was all I needed. I immediately withdrew the book from the one agent and the rest of the publishers. Chris and I got very serious very fast. We are forming a partnership. An LLC. Getting a bank account. An EIN number. We want to put out a book a month. Novels, novellas, short story collections. Uncensored, gritty, raw shit. We’ll publish my books, Chris’ books and all the other cool books from cool writers we can attract. 

Here is our logo, designed by the great JT Lindroos. He is going to help us with some of our covers as well: 



ADR-LOGO no border small

Here is our slogan/tagline: Lowlife Literature

Here is our website announcement: 


Logo by JT Lindroos

That’s right, bitches.

The crew that’s brought you oodles of kick-ass short fiction is stepping up its game: novels, novellas, novelettes, short story collections–we’re doing it all.

Alec Cizak founded ADR in 2010 with a single goal: publish uncensored crime fiction. Stories about criminals from the perspective of criminals. That continues to be our goal.

We’re starting right now: you don’t exist, two noir novellas by Pablo D’Stair and ADR co-publisher Chris Rhatigan is out now. (With a mass-market paperback out very soon.) Get it here, now!

To celebrate the launch, issues 2 and 3 of the magazine are FREE starting Sunday for a short time.

And we’ve got a killer lineup of books due out this year, including:

Tussinland by Mike Monson. Trashy noir. A cough medicine addict with a penchant for Frosted Flakes and bad TV is framed for murder. All the excitement of Monson’s fast-paced novellas in his first full-length novel.

Prodigal Sons by Mike Miner. Literary thriller. Matthew Flanagan ditches his perfect life to pursue drinking himself to death in Vegas. But his two brothers back home in Connecticut aren’t having any of that.
At turns funny and moving, this book is a hard-boiled American odyssey.

Two Bullets Solve Everything by Ryan Sayles and Chris Rhatigan. A crime split. Sayles comes out with guns blazing in Disco Rumble Fish, set in the seventies and featuring his badass cop Richard Dean Buckner. Then Rhatigan’s got A Pack of Lies. A sleazy, small-time journalist is blackmailing one source and pumping out all manner of falsities. But before he knows it, he’s in a world of shit–scrambling to keep everything straight and the cops off his tail.

Revenge is a Redhead by Phil Beloin, Jr. Pulp novella. After getting kicked out of the house by his policeman father, a young man falls in love with a red-headed hooker, then a spends a wild night avoiding rape, robbery and murder. He ends up committing quite a few crimes of his own and eventually seeks revenge on his attackers with the help of his new-found love interest.

Plus issues of All Due Respect, a new version of Monson’s short story collection Criminal Love, and more.




4 Responses to “All Due Respect Books — I’m a co-publisher now”

  1. Les Edgerton August 23, 2014 at 10:50 am #

    Congratulations, Mike and Chris! Wishing you guys much luck and good fortune.

  2. Mike Monson August 23, 2014 at 10:51 am #

    Thanks Les!!!!

  3. Scott Adlerberg August 23, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    Exciting, Mike. I picked up YOU DON”T EXIST today and started the Pablo D’Stair novella. It’s superb so far – it has the kind of austere oddness, nightmarish, I really like.

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