Tussinland is Live on Amazon

7 Oct


Get it here.

Here is the fancy press release:

Point Blank Public Relations and Book Promotion
Modesto, CA 95355

For immediate release

 Mike Monson’s first full-length novel, Tussinland, highlights DM/cough medicine abuse

The hero of Tussinland, Paul Dunn, is at a low point when he discovers DM, or dextromethorphan, the main ingredient in Robitussin and many other over-the-counter cough and cold remedies.

“He’s walked off his new job as a high school English teacher,” said Tussinland writer Mike Monson, “his wife is having an affair with a dangerous man, and he is confined all day to a cramped cubicle at a dull temp job in California’s Silicon Valley.”

Struck with a bad cough and cold, Monson said, Dunn finds something amazing in the first aid kit in the employee break room: a medication called Extra Strength Cold Remedy. “Paul Dunn is one of those people who feels like if a little bit is good, then a lot must be great. He begins taking the little white pills six at a time and finds that not only does he stop coughing, but he becomes quite high as well—an effect that just gets better and better the more he takes.”

Soon, Dunn is taking all of the pills on his floor and raiding the break rooms on the other floors as well. “When he loses the job and access to the pills,” Monson said, “he does some research and finds that the magic ingredient in the pills is DM, and that Robitussin as well as the many generic copies of the medication are a much more efficient delivery system of the drug.

“He beings swigging cough medicine by the extra-large bottle-full and finds not only a certain euphoria, but strong hallucinogenic effects as well. As the novel opens Dunn has his first bad experience with the drug and then wakes up to find that he is the major suspect in the early-morning shotgun murders of his wife and her lover. The book tells the story of how he tries to deal with this predicament while in the middle of deadly depression made much worse by his DM abuse.”

Tussinland, like Monson’s two crime and noir novellas, The Scent of New Death and What Happens in Reno, is primarily set in Modesto, a growing city of 200,000 in California’s Central Valley.

“The time is the summer of 2012 and the recession and real estate slump has hit the city hard,” Monson said. “And California’s Proposition 8, an attempt to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman, is about to be debated in the U.S. Supreme Court. Tussinland touches on how all of these things affect the lives of Paul and his extended family.

“But, the book is not only about the economy and same-sex marriage. It’s also about murder and drugs, it’s about smart phones, Facebook and YouTube, it’s about religion and right-wing homophobic Christian-fundamentalist militias, it’s about 12-step groups, it’s about marriage and families, it’s about digital cable and reality TV, and it’s about disease and death. Love is a big theme also, although it’s a pretty twisted kind of love for sure.”

Tussinland releases as an eBook on October 8, and in print by October 13. It is second book to be published by All Due Respect Books, a brand-new independent publisher specializing in crime and noir fiction.


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  1. Kerry Adams October 7, 2014 at 6:16 pm #

    Just bought it. 🙂

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