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18 Nov


I need to use this space to promote the ALL DUE RESPECT BOOKS, the indy noir/crime book publishing company Chris Rhatigan and I started just a couple of months ago. (I promise that any day now we will have a really cool-looking professionally-prepared web site designed by Mr. Ron Earl Philips of Shotgun Honey fame, with all kinds of bells and whistles and cool shit like all the other book publishers have. Any day now, I swear.)

ADR-LOGO no border small


We’d been doing  All Due Respect the crime journal for a year and it was going pretty well and it was fun and we were shocked to be selected as an “Approved Publication” by the Mystery Writers Association of America very early on (How THE Fuck Did That Happen?) and then the Todd Robinson story we published, Good Dogs, was named as one of the Other Distinguished Stories in the book Best American Mystery Stories of 2014.

81LzxrUxu8L._SL1500_ best

So we got kind of cocky and decided to start a publishing company even though we don’t know what the hell we are doing.

First up was you don’t exista double noir novella package that writers Rhatigan and Pablo D’Stair were already preparing for publication.


It’s been well-reviewed but not a lot of people have bought it so please buy one, okay?  It is so so good. Synopsis: Two noir novellas about wandering around in cars, finding dead bodies, finding bags of money, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes. A heavy dose of isolation, self-doubt, and bleakness. FUN, HUH?

Then, we put out Tussinland by Mike Monson. THAT’S ME!


This sucker is doing pretty well and people like it I think — 14 Amazon reviews (13 five star and 1 four star from my new best friend Steve Coulter) and people who weren’t already my friends and fans are buying it and reviewing it (but three of my super fans who I know bought it have been eerily silent) and when I went to freaking Bouchercon a lot of people knew about it which was great (and I got to read the first page and a half at the Noir At The Bar event and it went over well I think at least that is what people told me) and it’s stayed in at least the Top 20 Kindle/Noir since it came out over a month ago and I’m just so happy about it.

Synopsis: Addicted to cough syrup, television and Sugar Frosted Flakes, Paul Dunn is living in a state of torpor while staying at his mother’s house after the humiliating ending of his third marriage. His inertia is broken when he becomes the chief suspect in the murders of his soon-to-be ex-wife and her new lover. Set in the town of Modesto, deep in California’s Central Valley, Tussinland is about sex drugs, addiction, smart phones, Facebook and the internet, digital cable, anti-government militias, reality TV, fundamentalist homophobic Christians, families, 12-step groups, pornography, marriage, death, disease, and love.


Cover design by the beautiful and sexy Rebecca Monson (along with key consultation by JT Lindross because at first, like I said we were clueless and now we are slightly less so but really just slightly).



And then came the perfect pulp nugget Revenge Is A Redhead by Phil Beloin Jr. and it is so wonderful and people are buying it too but not enough so please please please get it — it’s only 99 cents and it’ll make your day I promise. Cover by Lindross and the background pic of the sleazy hotel was taken in West Modesto by Rebecca.

Check out the synopsis: Rich Brown is out of cash and luck when he finds stripper Cherry Pop. Like so many before him, Rich falls for the redhead, but all he can afford is a quick peep show. But soon Rich has bigger problems than lack of love and money when he stumbles into a homeless shelter that’s really a front for a bunch of shady dealings. He crosses paths with Cherry Pop again, and to survive the night, the duo have claw their way out of all kinds of mayhem. Trashy, funny, and filled with pure pulp action, Revenge is a Redhead is the ideal way to kill time before you die. 

Sounds pretty good right? (It’s okay, you can admit it, I won’t tell your neighbors.)

And just yesterday we came out with another double-noir package Two Bullets Solve Everything.

two bullets ebook final

This has a novella again by Chris Rhatigan — A Pack of Lies, about a horrifyingly unethical reporter who gets into all kinds of trouble, and Disco Rumble Fish by Ryan Sayles that provides a great back story about Sayles’ creation Richard Buckner that is a great and chilling cop story all on it’s own. This debuted as the number six Hot New Seller in Kindle/Noir and sold a lot of copies yesterday but none so far today so jeez buy it NOW it’s so good and only $1.99. Cover by the versatile Mr. Rhatigan.

Synopsis: In Disco Rumble Fish, author Ryan Sayles rewinds to the 1970s, when Buckner rolled with the city’s SWAT team. Tasked with finding a criminal associated with a mobster’s violent jailbreak, Buckner and company prove there’s nowhere to hide when you kill one of their own. In Chris Rhatigan’s A Pack of Lies, newspaper reporter Lionel Kaspar is out to find the truth and advocate for social justice. Just kidding. He’s a scam artist of the lowest order out to make a quick buck off of whoever crosses his path. But the comfortable niche he’s created for himself is about to be crushed.

PS ebook final

And check this out: on December 1, we are releasing Prodigal Sons by Mike Miner. This book will kill you. It’s a crime book, it’s a noir, it’s a literary family drama, it’s a cautionary tale about the dark dark dark side of alcohol addiction. It’s so many things but the  best thing is that it is beautifully written by Mr. Miner and Chris and I are just so proud to publish it. It will devastate you in a good way.

Professional/slick synopsis: Matthew Flanagan is living the American dream. A plum job at an ad agency. A hot wife. A beautiful home in southern California. But something is eating him up inside and a nasty drinking habit is about to cost him everything. After his life finally collapses around him, Matthew disappears to Vegas with a girl he barely knows.When word reaches the Flanagan clan, back in Connecticut, Matthew’s brothers Mark and Luke are sent on a mission to find their brother and bring him home. A longer and darker journey than either of them plans on. At turns funny and moving, Prodigal Sons is a hard-boiled American odyssey. A family saga with the heart of a crime novel.


On January 15 we will release Uncle Dust by Rob Pierce. This book was a shocker cause we kept rejecting the dude’s short stories for the magazine but we agreed to take a glance at his fucking 70K word novel and it just BLEW US AWAY. (I read it way before Chris and I had to have it so bad that I was able to convince Chris to let me offer Rob a contract before he’d had a chance to look at it because I was afraid we’d lose it and luckily he loved it as much as I did when he did get to it.)

It’s about some guy named Dustin. Dustin loves to rob banks. Dustin loves to drink. Dustin loves his women. Dustin loves loyalty. He might even love his adopted nephew Jeremy. And, he sometimes gets a little too enthusiastic in his job doing collections for local bookies–so, sometimes, he loves to hurt people. Told in the first person, Uncle Dust is a fascinating look inside the mind of a hard, yet very complicated criminal. You’ve never read anything quite like this, I guarantee it. 

Jack Hinkson

Jack Hinkson

Next up is The Deepening Shade, a short story collection from noir master Jake Hinkson.

The Deepening Shade contains 15 stories, most of which were previously published in such journals, anthologies, and e-zines as Beat to A Pulp (Rounds One and Two), Crooked, Crime Factory, Flash Fiction Offensive, Fires on the Plain, Noir Riot, and All Due Respect.
71JuoKXrJEL churchst_200
Hinkson is the author of the novels Hell on Church Street, The Posthumous Man, the novella Saint Homicide, and the brand-new The Big Ugly. He also writes extensively on film noir. He is a regular contributor to Macmillan’s websites CRIMINAL ELEMENT and TOR, as well as the film journal NOIR CITY (the flagship publication of the Film Noir Foundation). In addition, he’s written for THE LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS, MENTAL FLOSS, MYSTERY SCENE and BRIGHT LIGHTS FILM JOURNAL. His essays on film have appeared in anthologies such as FILM NOIR: THE DIRECTORS.
ava,gardner,black,and,white,film,film,noir,film,still,femme,fatale-ad67f6844d09d3d898d0898de34aabe9_h gun pitfall-lizabeth-scott-raymond-burr-1948-gun scott-powell-pitfall_opt
Sure, that’s all really impressive, but the important thing is that these fucking stories kick ass and force one to think about life and death and god and the devil in ways you may never had considered before. 


Then we got Love You to a Pulp by filthy genius CS DeWildt. The book is the story of Neil Chambers, a glue-sniffing private dick living and working in the small town of Brownsville. The book’s chapters alternate between a complicated case of greed and sexual obsessions taking place in the present, with stories of Neil’s violent and tragic boyhood. Like all of DeWildt’s fiction, it depicts the utter awfulness of people as well as the abject ugliness of their environments in a profoundly beautiful way. 

51jYCFJChQL 81GR5lw5swL._SL1500_ 81lc4r25mUL

CS DeWildt is the author of the literary crime novella Candy and Cigarettes, the Bartleby Snopes flash novel The Louisville Problem, and the much-acclaimed short story collection Dead Animals


And there is more. We get to publish Alec Cizak’s story collection Crooked Roads, and man is it great. Just the best crime stories ever. I had no idea. Neither Chris or I hesitated in our decision to take the book. I think we were both certain after the third or fourth story. wow wow wow.


Now, throughout 2015 we will be doing something very special. Have you heard of Greg Barth and his Selena books? I know, probably not, but you will darling readers, you will. (That is not Selena above, it is a young woman working at one of the Bottoms Up espresso stands that have popped up all over California’s Central Valley and it is the kind of job I could see Selena doing if things had turned out differently for her and I can’t show you a photo of Mr. Barth because his true identity is a secret.) Anyway, Barth put out two Selena novellas — Selena and Hostility, which are basically Part One and Part Two of an epic pulp tale — and we loved them so much we talked him into taking them down from Amazon so we could repackage and republish them. Plus, the saga continues with Parts Three, Four, and Five. We will put out each novella as a stand alone periodically in both ebook and print and then (by hopefully next summer) put them all out as one big book.

For us, Barth’s creation Selena is the perfect pulp heroine. She is a stripper, a whore, an alcoholic who needs to pass a breathalyzer test before she can start her car (unless she can find someone nearby to blow it for her if she has to make a quick getaway while drunk), a drug addict, a drug dealer — you know, all the fun things. Plus, she is addicted to violent, bloody revenge and is very handy with a sawed-off shotgun. 

outback bec

Also coming is an all new edition ebook and PRINT edition of my book Criminal Love and Other Storieswhich will have a new lurid cover designed by Rebecca Monson, and added stories, essays, and author interviews. And, we will put out a paperback version of my novella What Happens in Renowhich will also get a new cover, again by Bec. As well, I hope that there will be more from Chris Rhatigan about his character from A Pack of Lies (that’s from Two Bullets Solve Everything — did you buy it yet?).

So far, we are concentrating on selling ebooks on Amazon/Kindle and paperbacks using Print On Demand through Amazon/Createspace. No bookstores. No Kobo Apple Nook. We want to be writer friendly and are doing our best to help as much as possible to promote each book. We want readers to love us and to be able to count on us to deliver honest, real, uncensored crime and noir stories, novellas, and novels without a lot of bullshit.

3 Responses to “More about ALL DUE RESPECT BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. chris hatch November 23, 2014 at 10:52 am #

    When and how can I submit my manuscript query?

  2. Mike Monson November 23, 2014 at 3:05 pm #

    Mr Hatch: we are closed to subs right now but keep your eye on and the website we will have soon.

    • chris hatch November 24, 2014 at 4:16 am #

      Terrific! Can’t wait. An ezine is running some sample chapters next month so I’m sure you’ll like my stuff.

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